You must develop an attitude of detachment towards goals

Usually, when obstacles arise and when goals take time to achieve, stress arises.

When your job gets too demanding and you start working long hours, sacrificing family and fun, you start to suffer and stress sets in.

You need to think about your life, health and family, not just your goals. Sometimes it’s important to let go, even just a little, and learn how to avoid stress.

You should avoid stress when achieving your goals.To avoid stress, you must develop an attitude of detachment towards your goals.

If things take too long to get done, if people don’t cooperate with you, or if you encounter delays and obstacles, frustration can arise.

It can also create anger, stress and anxiety.

Often people who work toward goals, especially important goals that take time to achieve, fall into a state of stress.

This is of course quite unhealthy.You must prioritize your life, health and happiness. Goals are great, but you shouldn’t give up your life for them.

It’s okay if things don’t work out.

I’m going to say something that you might find strange. Have goals, pursue them, but if they take too long to achieve or if they don’t happen, it doesn’t matter. Do not worry about that.I know, you want to be successful and you’ve put in the time into your work, but is it really worth it?

You may say that you will be happy and enjoy life after achieving your goals, but do you believe it? What about the gift you’re missing?

If you are stressed and unhappy now, after achieving your goal, will you be calm and happy? I’m not sure.If you’re stressed and unhappy, you’re creating an unhealthy habit. You’re not enjoying life and you’re damaging your health. It’s worth it?

This is why emotional separation from your goals and a mindset of letting go is most important. I’ve written about this in several of my articles and offer advice and guidance on it in my book, Emotional Detachment for a Happier Life.Do you need big goals?

Some have big goals, big ambitions, others don’t, both are true.

Some people may want to have a lot of money, do business, or own a lot of property.

Others want simpler things, like a good home to live in, a good salary, and a loving family. They are not interested in big goals.Both are correct. You don’t need big goals to be happy and successful.

A good goal can be as simple as health, happiness, a good salary so you can pay your bills and live a comfortable life

Meditation and Personal Development Goals

Goals are not just about possessing material possessions, money or status.

Changing habits, improving skills, self-improvement, meditation and mindfulness are also goals. Very important ones.

These are truly goals that do not create stress or anxiety. On the contrary, they suppress them.This means that it would be a very good idea for everyone, those with big goals as well as those with small and simple goals, to devote some of their time and energy to growth. personal, meditation and mindfulness.

It will reduce stress and tension.

You can find some meditation techniques here.


Having goals is a good thing, but they don’t necessarily have to do with money, prestige or status.

Have goals but at the same time try to stay detached, so if things don’t go your way you can stay calm and avoid stress.

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